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Our Dogs

"Let's face it, every dog was developed with a purpose in mind. Yes, even the lap dogs have a job to do. So what defines a working dog anyway???" (Author unknown)

Cleopatra, Queen of the Cobb River
Cleopatra, known to her subjects as "Cleo", is a bassett hound. She was born on July 15, 1999. Her family lives in Good Thunder, MN. Cleo has a super nose and likes to sniff everything. She has been taking "dog classes" since she was a puppy and enjoys playing with her classmates. She has her own mailbox and gets her own fan mail.

Bailey, like his sister Maddie, is a shitzu/sheltie "designer dog". He has fluffy buff colored fur like a shitzu, but is taller, like a sheltie. Bailey's family lives in New Ulm, MN. Bailey loves to do tricks and has springs for legs! He is king of the weave poles. Bailey recently starred in a production of the musical "Annie" in the role of Sandy (the dog).

Maddie, like her brother Bailey, is a shitzu/sheltie "designer dog". She inherited the sheltie coloring, conformation and herding tendencies. Maddie also lives with her family in New Ulm, MN. Maddie is two years old and likes to show off her singing and dancing ability.

Reba is a cocker spaniel with a sable coat, which means her fur is tan with black tips, a distinctive color for a cocker spaniel. Reba is five and a half years old and lives with her family in Elysian, MN. Reba has a "cousin", Sierra, who also belongs to the group. Reba loves to go on visits and has a special friend she visits faithfully.

Sierra is also a cocker spaniel, from the same family as Reba. Sierra has silky dark brown fur and is always well groomed because her mom is a groomer. She is 1 1/2 years old and is our group's newest therapy dog. She lives with her family in Elysian, MN, where she has a large family of cocker spaniels (and humans, of course).

Amanda is 8 1/2 years old and was born on Christmas Day, hence her middle name: Amanda Noel. Amanda lives with Sierra and Reba and her family in Elysian, MN. She has been doing therapy dog work for many years and loves to perform. She has had several litters of pups, but has more time for therapy dog work now that she is retired from motherhood.

Roger is a terrier mixture, mostly Boston terrier. He is brindle with white feet, face and collar. Roger was adopted from the Humane Society and flew to Minnesota from California to live with his forever family on a farm near Comfrey, MN. Roger and his "handler" are the first dog/handler team in Minnesota to be certified in animal-assisted crisis and disaster response by Hope AACR, Portland OR. 

Sydney is a golden retriever and is two years old. She is truly a "working dog" who goes to work with her mom and helps foster families learn parenting skills. She lives with her family in Mankato, MN. Like any self-respecting retriever, she is happiest when she has a tennis ball in her mouth. Her mom is also Puppy Love's dog trainer so Sydney is the "teacher's pet".


Did you know that Florence Nightingale wrote about the therapeutic value of having a dog?