Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc.
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About Us

2002 - Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. visited over 1500 people!
2003 - Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. visited over 2100 people!
2004 - As of Oct. 27, we have visited and touched the lives of 1623 people - and still counting!
"If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons." -- James Thurber

Our History

Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. was formed in 2001. Our dogs had been going to school together and also making therapy dog visits. In 2001, a group of us decided to form a therapy dog group so we could focus on some special programs we wanted to make available. We also wanted to continue our obedience training using the clicker training model. In order to pursue those goals, Puppy Love Therapy Dogs, Inc. was formed. We all appreciate the positive influence of the human-animal bond and want the activities to be FUN for our dogs and the humans involved.

We go to about 6-8 visits per month. Our dogs go to "dog classes" once a week. Since all our dogs had already been through obedience training, we decided to focus on the form of training known as "clicker training."

Our human members include teachers, nurses, business professionals, human service professionals, dog trainers, breeders and groomers. All that is required is a love of dogs and a desire to share your dog with others.

Dogs must be registered through one of the nationally recognized therapy dog organizations. It is the responsibility of each owner to make sure they conform to the rules of that organization.

All the dogs must have health certificates, annual vet checks to insure they are free of diseases or parasites, be well behaved, friendly and well groomed. Our dogs are purebreds and "designer dogs". Any dog with a great temperament and a desire to meet people is a candidate.

Our Programs

Therapy Dog Visits - Our dogs are scheduled for one-time or recurring visits. A visit can consist of petting the dogs, a demonstration of tricks and petting, or just a demonstration of tricks and obedience skills. We talk to a staff member at the facility to see what works best.

Hug a Pet - Individual dogs can be scheduled to make regular visits or one-time visits to an adult or a child who would be cheered by petting and talking to a dog. The dog might do some entertaining tricks, too. Our dogs also hand out Valentines and other holiday cards. 

Pet Safety -  This program teaches some basic safety skills around dogs and cats to elementary aged children.  We have been bringing this program to libraries in the Traverse des Sioux Regional Library System, beginning in the Summer, 2002.  This program is also available to second grade classrooms.  It includes a video, demonstration of skills, Pet Safety coloring book and Puppy Love Therapy Dogs pencil. 

Good grooming for dogs - This program  teaches children about proper pet care, including brushing a dog's teeth, keeping them groomed and making sure they have fresh food and water.

One of our members, Terrie Daninger is a tester/observers with Therapy Dogs, Inc.  If you think your dog has the temperament and good manners, contact Puppy Love Therapy Dogs at pltdi@hickorytech.net
Testing involves a behavior test followed by three supervised visits during which the tester/observer will watch you and your dog.  Your dog does not have to be trained for competitive level obedience.  Your dog does need to be well-controlled on a leash at all times, enthusiastic about going different places, eager to meet people and social with other dogs.

To inquire about a visit, contact the visit coordinator, Jackie Raether, at valtech@mctcnet.net. Leave your name and phone number or email address and she will get in touch with you to set up a visit.

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Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a MapQuest Web Gem to display a map to our office.